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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Judicial Review of the Bill of Rights June 2017. Mr. Graham Moore has commenced an application for a Judicial Review of the Home Office's policy to not accept Defence as a "Good Reason" for the issue of firearms certificates to fit persons. The Magna Carta Society is supporting him in this noble endeavour. The Court is the High Court of Justice in London, Queens Bench Division, Administrative Court. The Case Number is CO/3135/2017. It is currently assigned to LJ Supperstone. The Home Office is represented by the Treasury Solicitor. For the information of our supporters we present some of the material which will be used to prove the validity of Mr. Moore’s claim. John Bingley's introduction to the Constitution at the BCG Conference in 2015: The following presentation at the British Constitution Group conference in 2014 gives an account of the History of Firearms related legislation in the UK: Richard Laws presentation in writing: More to follow.

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  1. Every British armed police or service person hasn't got a licence or special permit. They use their Common Law right to be armed.


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