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Sunday, 25 June 2017

As a result of renewed Interest in the Barons Petition of 2001 the authors of this Blog undertake to share the results of the legal and historical researches which led to the House of Lords Petitioning The Crown in 2001 and later developments. We will be available to, as far as possible, respond to inquiries about the Barons Petition and Lawful Rebellion. Because the amount of information available on the Internet, and it accessibility, has increased Web searches should be a good place to begin. We suggest that Google is avoided as a search engine because results are filtered and censored. We recommend Start Page and Duck Duck Go. We look forward to hearing from our fellow loyal subjects. The Magna Carta Society.

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  1. I posted the Baron's petition and pinned it to the top of my Twitter page....

    Twitter didn't like that.

    I realised something was up when Maj. signed away our sovereignty in the PUBLICLY REJECTED Lisbon Treaty.

    I have also read the writings of Christopher Hitchens on the topic of Prince jugears. traison!!!

    I want to help, get active. I'm an old lady but I have excellent letter writing skills and the passion of one who would rather her children not face the Genocide of my beloved Nation.

    WHAT can people such as I actually DO?

    I've heard talk of a mass swearing in. When? Where? How?

    Thank you for reading, thank you even more if you reply.

    Your servant and countrywoman.



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